Bengali political thriller show ‘Abar Rajneeti’ trailer drops



A Sourav Chakraborty directorial, Abar Rajneeti drops its trailer and the audience definitely can’t keep calm. Starring Kaushik Ganguly, Ditipriya Roy, Koneenica Bandyopadhyay, Arjun Chakrabarty, Shyamal Chakraborty, Aniruddha Gupta, Debojyoti Roychowdhury, and Madhurima Basak, the show is all set to premiere on Hoichoi May 24 onwards.

Director Sourav says, “A very popular saying about politics goes like this – In the king’s reign, wars are fought and the pawn’s lives are lost… But often, in the king’s reign, it’s the king’s life that is lost in war. The politics behind making a king, the intrigues, its history isn’t short of bloodshed… Even though many aspire to be a king, the throne is just one… So, like the known political scenario of India, in our kingdom of stories, every moment the dynamics of political and personal relationships change… Who is a friend, who is an enemy? And whose hand will hold the reins of the throne of Rijpur, that’s what the story of Abar Rajneeti will unfold.”

In the previous season, we saw how Rashi Banerjee (Ditipriya), after coming out of her coma following a car accident, began discovering anew the conspiracies behind her back. Over time, she uncovered many new facts and truths. But what’s certain in politics is there’s no definite truth. What’s true today becomes a false evidence tomorrow. So, the incidents that Rashi had accepted as fate for so long… that fate now stands in front of her as stark reality… In the previous season, even though Rathin Banerjee (Kaushik) died, in Abar Rajneeti we’ll see Kaushik back on the soils of Rijpur. How much unrest will his return cause to the power centre Mallika Banerjee (Koneenica)? What will happen to Mallika and Rijpur’s future? Who is this person? What is his relationship with the Banerjee household? All these answers will be unveiled in Abar Rajneeti.

This season will see that after Rathin Banerjee’s death, the MP’s seat of Rijpur was vacant. Since the announcement of the by-election by the election commission at the Rijpur Lok Sabha constituency, political tensions in Rijpur started escalating. Rathin Banerjee’s wife, Lokmanya Sevak Party’s leader Mallika Banerjee, being a heavyweight candidate is being clashed by a party who had formerly vanished, constituting mostly the minorities – Samajtantrik Party. Their trump card in the game is the hero of Bengali cinema, Nabi-ul-Haq, alias Jimmy. The question arises, who is providing assistance to candidates like Jimmy to bring them into the race where not a single leaf moves without Banerjee household’s permission? Is it someone from within Lokmanya or a new force from outside? Although Mallika’s real concern is not Jimmy, but fearing the return of Rathin Banerjee’s daughter, Rashi Banerjee to Rijpur. Her fear deepens one morning when she finds out that Rathin Banerjee’s elder brother, former MP of Rijpur, Pratim Banerjee, has returned as a renunciant in Rijpur.

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